How it works?
Follow the steps show below
Sign upRegister first and complete the verification by email. You need to confirm your child’s ID at your portal and your child need to do the same. Intentionally embedded so that you are the authorised person to receive the progress report.
Choose courseChoose the standard your child is in. Pay using Paypal or credit/debit card.
Start doingMake sure your child follow the program. Every week teachers will post questions and reading materials. Self-dependent is the key here. Please don’t spoon feed. They learn faster by making mistakes.
DonePlease check the progress in your email inbox. Be proactive in meeting with school teachers and share with them the progress from our portal if they are weak. You do your part and make sure your child do his/hers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to pay yearly? Yes this is yearly base subscription. You need to purchase for everytime a child goes up the standard.
If I join in the month of June can I still access the previous months from January Yes
Are the questions posted the same or new for each subject? New questions are posted every week.
How can parents know the progress? After every tutorial studenst will sit for an exam. The results will be emailed to parents for evaluation.
Who sets the question? Teachers who have more than 25 years of experience are only allowed in this program. These are dedicated teachers.
Is this KBAT or HOTS base syllabus and question? Yes, KBAT and HOTS will be our primary focus.
How can this program help my child? This program is tailored to be self dependant where we belive the students must learn how to think and not pampered by parents. Parents need to prepare the child because our national syllabus is no joke.Parents must allow students to crack their confidents. The more they attempt the questions the more ready they are.
Why is KBAT and HOTS important? Globally we are nowhere with the previous syllabus. Its more based on memorizing and not thinking. Critical thinking is important because the world is moving very fast along side with computers. Computer programming needs critical thinking and memorizing doesn’t help anymore.
What is HOTS and KBAT Higher-order thinking essentially means thinking that takes place in the higher-levels of the hierarchy of cognitive processing. Bloom’s Taxonomy is the most widely accepted hierarchical arrangement of this sort in education and it can be viewed as a continuum of thinking skills starting with knowledge-level thinking and moving eventually to evaluation-level of thinking. A common example, used by Dr. Chuck Weiderhold of the application of the major categories in Bloom’s Taxonomy, is show below, applying the taxonomy to the Pledge of Allegianc consist of Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.
Does this program follow the Malaysian national syllabus Yes, we strictly follow the national syllabus.
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