Etuition.com is a portal that was pioneered by a group of very senior teachers that have many years of valueable experience. They have seen many changes in our national curriculm and have always adapted the best teaching methodologyy for their students. They are motivated to participate in encouraging students to be self dependant and handling challenging question. From day one they have emphasised that critical thinking was the best way to go. Today, Malaysia have bend towards critical thinking. These teachers come from all over Malaysia. They feel that knowledge must be shared and transferred out and not kept in the dark. E Tution have fundamenatlly used Artificial intelligence from UK to construct this program according to each of the subject matter teachers. The Database of materials and questions is indeed amazing. Sharing is Caring. We hope that students will continue to progress using our platform.

21st century education is already adapted in many developed nations. KBAT and HOTS is something that students need more practice to open up their thinking capability. Spoon feeding will not help and it’s essential that parents must understand this. The objective of the new system allows students to be self dependant finding ways to and thinking deep to solve questions. The secret to this is to attempt questons and make mistakes. By learning from mistake the child will develop the holisticity of the topic easily. This program is designed to equip the child to think deep. They will be groomed to possess exceptional skills in problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, innovation and creativity to meet the challenges ahead.

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